How to Simulate a Furry Convention at Home

How to Simulate a Furry Convention at Home
1- 11 By Acton

The inspiration for this came from  a joke how to simulate Navy Shipboard Life at sea.

1. Rearrange furniture, in the bedroom place one bed, couch, and TV; this is the hotel room. Designate other areas for panels.  The required simulation events are opening and closing ceremonies, one fursuiting 101 panels, and optional furry sexuality panel at night.

2. Invite three other friends to join along; one of the friends must not bathe during the simulation weekend.

3. At night, all must use the same room, two of your friends share the bed, One gets the couch and you get the floor. At random times, one friend acts loud and drunk or any proper disturbance.

4. Spend the day walking up and down the hallways, at random times, make idle chatter. The designate hallway can only have one chair. Spend random time sitting on the floor. In the hallway, have a stand with only two pints of bottle water and a bucket of ice per day. You or friends need to drink both by 12:00pm; no other water may be provided.

5. Do not cook during the simulation, ether eat only cold cuts or  junk food, you may designate an area of the simulation area as a con suite with snack foods sandwiches, and salads. Go out and eat only at Denny’s preferably one you can walk to.  Walk by a very expensive restaurant you know you cant afford to simulate the  Hotel’s  restaurant.

6. Wear any old con badges you have or make one up, ditto with old con t-shirts. One of you must be in tail and ears.

7. On Saturday morning, only eat cold cereal while watching cartoons.

8. Designate one space as a dance floor, at 9:00pm; close all the windows and set up a few flashing color lights and a disco ball. This place is best adjacent to “hotel room”   Use a loud stereo and only play techno; one may play the part as the DJ. Only one fur at a time is allowed on the dance floor, fursuit optional and must have glow sticks on hand. Dance simulation must last from 9:00pm till 2:00am each night of the simulation. One night try to sleep in hotel room with dance simulation running.

9. If possible, one friend or you will be in fursuit, at random times glomp, scritch, pose and take pictures without asking the fursuiter. If no fursuiter, large plushies can simulate fursuiters and the fursuit parade.

10. Congested Network Simulation: downgrade broadband connection as slow as possible. Use three computers and router. Set route to DHCP Server enable with only two users and lease time of two hours. Connect two computers to router and have them do high broadband consumption task like a bit torrent or streaming videos. The third computer is yours and attempt to go on the net with other two computers running.

11. Each simulator participant need to have a sketch book, during the con simulation each must pay for a good drawing, beg or trade for a drawing and receive a drawing in the sketchbook that looks like a three year old did it, and pay or trade for a third drawing but instead of a drawings, a note will be left in the sketch book explaining the artist is busy and will do the sketch after the convention.

More than four can participate; they can serve as GOH, panelist, staff and others.

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