The Perverts Keep on Coming

This times it different instead of a man seeking boy but older women having sex with a minor boy.
The problem is not furry fandom per say, I think the idea we all are sexual deviants looking for the next orgy is a bit overblown, but furry fandom dose have a few serious vulnerabilities. First we present a target rich environment with many young confused ostracized teen looking for acceptance. Second there is very little structure in furry fandom. There is nobody around to tell who and is furry or not. In addition to many leaders are not experienced and still young having inability or no desire to make moral judgment need to fitter those who are fans from the rift raft. Too many fans and the leaders are too accepting or live in denial. Finally, if you want to look at why moral relativism, teen homosexuality and bisexuality exists in furry fandom, look not at the fandom but what they are teaching in schools and in the entertainment industry a la MTV. It is not what the fandom cause but what they bring from home and school into the fandom.

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