Convention planning 2012

With the Colonoscopy completed and clear; nothing more than my paranoia at fault. It time to plan and announce my 2012 schedule and throw a request of you all.
This year I will have to keep it local, my next convention will be Wonder Northwest , a multi genre geek convention in the vein of comic cons in March, I will also be attending Kumoicon or local anime convention and Orycon. I am a bit leery of Orycon, if programming is anything like last year, as far I am concern the Old guard can keep their convention. I will just take my business elsewhere or we can start a real fan based science fiction convention. I will problem do a one day pass for Gear Con a steam punk con in September.
Not the wild card is if I can get my contract extended to the end of the year. I could possibly add in Rainfurrest. If I go I would like do a Christian Furry panel and perhaps if I feel comfortable I throw in a Hello Kitty panel to As for panels I plan to do Otaku over 25 a panel for older anime fans and I will also try to furry in anime panel at Kumoricon.
Now here were you can help If you have any ideas or suggestions of furry related anime please do leave a comment. Right now The are to goals; introduce furry to the anime fandom, meet and greet for furries at Kumorricn. I have talked to a few fellow furs there is an interest in the panel.

2 thoughts on “Convention planning 2012

  1. hi Acton! i was thinking of you today and thought i’d catch up on your blog. hope to see you at Rainfurrest this year. Ba_ar and i will be sharing a room. sorry to hear about your car getting broken into. thats really horrible. hope things are looking up for you otherwise. —- Woyro

    • Strange you brought this up. I just got the news my contract at Intel has been extended until the end of this year. Yes Rainfurrest will be on my schedule in fact I will make my room reservations tonight.
      The real question now is January 2012, I am leaning staying local and going to Rustycon a Science Fiction convention in Seattle. There will be a few furry panels but FC is in the cards.
      AS For Rainfurrest I going to volunteer to do a Christian Furs Panel and if I am comfortable with the material a Hello Kitty panel

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