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Halloween and Orycon

Noting much going on, it is usually very quiet when I live, I do keep a few candy bars or a bag just in case.  I am lucky if to see one trick or treater this year. I will  dump a hand full into the bag. No horror movies toning, thanks to Redbox killing the DVD rental business.  Redbox offerings are slim and getting to the nearest video store is a eight mile round trip.

The big news is I decided to go to Orycon the Science Fiction convention this weekend, I already registered. If you seen my last year report I was not a happy camper. The problem the old guard  , noting Orycon  historically  focuses on written Science  Fiction, had turn Orycon 33 into a \writers  business convention, Yes Orycon  is  about written science fiction but how about something for the reader and fan of movies and TV.  Well it looks like Orycon has listen so I am going this year.

Convention planning 2012

With the Colonoscopy completed and clear; nothing more than my paranoia at fault. It time to plan and announce my 2012 schedule and throw a request of you all.
This year I will have to keep it local, my next convention will be Wonder Northwest , a multi genre geek convention in the vein of comic cons in March, I will also be attending Kumoicon or local anime convention and Orycon. I am a bit leery of Orycon, if programming is anything like last year, as far I am concern the Old guard can keep their convention. I will just take my business elsewhere or we can start a real fan based science fiction convention. I will problem do a one day pass for Gear Con a steam punk con in September.
Not the wild card is if I can get my contract extended to the end of the year. I could possibly add in Rainfurrest. If I go I would like do a Christian Furry panel and perhaps if I feel comfortable I throw in a Hello Kitty panel to As for panels I plan to do Otaku over 25 a panel for older anime fans and I will also try to furry in anime panel at Kumoricon.
Now here were you can help If you have any ideas or suggestions of furry related anime please do leave a comment. Right now The are to goals; introduce furry to the anime fandom, meet and greet for furries at Kumorricn. I have talked to a few fellow furs there is an interest in the panel.

Orycon 33 Report

At last I present my long awaited Orycon 33 Report. My delay was due My disappointment with Orycon and Starting a new Job.

The Con: Orycon – (Writers) Science Fiction

The Place: Double Tree Lloyd’s Center

Date: 11 – 13 Nov 2011

This is my 5th Orycon. I looked d forward to this cone every year but this year I left disappointed. Dark cloud started to appeared a few week before when I check the web site when programming was posted; what  struck me there was not much I really wanted to attend and the large amount of professional writers panels but slim  picking for readers and fans.


Because I started a new Job, I decide it would not be right to take Friday Off; after work I went down pick up my badge and attended the opening ceremonies. Next I went to Tiptoe Through the Tardis; it was part panel and part gathering of fans. I left after a while because it was a bit hokey for my taste. I did better at the fan participation of Who line is it. It was very fumy.  Afterwards I retired for the evening
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A Mild Rebuke and Rebuttal

A good online friend had posted about difference between Furry, Anime and Science Fiction Fandom called The difference between Furry vs the Sci-Fi and Anime fandoms.. Bothered by his reply I offered a mild rebuke. Instead of posting it you can read it at his site.
This got me thinking about who I am. I said something that I need to ponder on, that I am more of a furry in the Science Fiction fandom that a furry in the furry fandom. Perhaps my feelings is due to my increasing listening to Science Fiction Podcast like Escape Pod and Starship Sofa and recent falling out and ending the PDX fur meets or with limited funds I am involving myself in the local con seen where I rather attending Radcon, Orycon or Rusty Con that allocate for a far off furry convention. More later
(my reply to him as follows)

“From what I’ve seen at their cons and experienced online, the Sci-Fi and Anime fandoms completely worship what comes out of Hollywood and Tokyo. And any fan who tries to create something that deviates even a fraction from what the author or studios created (like a furry version of Harry Potter) will usually get “dissed” by the hardcore fans for being blasphemous. “

You are correct about one thing about we are fans of our own creation. This is creative force makes furry interesting. Still I have to offer an rebuttal to your narrow view of Science Fiction and Anime fandom. I have to admit I am more of a Furry in the Science Fiction fandom than a furry in the fury fandom. First Science Fiction is at heart a Literary fandom, a fandom that has a rich history in art and literature going back a century and longer. While there are some good furry writers, I enjoy like Phil Geusz, Anthropomorphic Dreams, or the Outcast podcast novels, there a fare more diversity of content in the Anime and Science Fiction fandoms. There are some good up and coming fury writes and far better than the homoerotic of Kevin Gold but there no one yet at the level of some of my favorites in Science Fiction like Nancy Kress, Harry Turtledove, and Allen Steele. Furry art is just dim candle compared to Science Fiction Art.

As for conventions I enjoy the energy of a furry convention but enjoy more a Science Fiction convention like Orycon were I can see diverse fans from six to sixty and have an intelligent conversation with a fan my own age. If I fault a furry con, it is the sameness of them all , exhibit one you Photo collection Wild Bill; all I see is another fursuiter, anther rave and another parade with the same furs from another convention. You collection makes me want to take camera and capture a fursuiter-free photo shoot just to capture the other aspects of the fandom. (Do not take it personally just some constructive criticism)

After all I said still I enjoy the freedom of creation on the fandom even though there a lot of negative aspects such as porn. Yes, one huge advantage is as our own creators We are not restricted in our creativity as in Anime Cosplay or Star Trek fandoms. We do not see the cascade of criticism if one cosplay is not right or no Star Trek mantra of how some fan content is not cannon.
Even with all it problems and my criticism of furry fandom, I still am proud to be a furry and proud wear my tail at any fan convention. It is my hope with all this creativity we furries should go beyond the fur con; we should move back to SF and take furry fandom beyond.
AS a part gift, if you think Science fiction is just out of Hollywood:

Expand you mind

Escape pod

Starship Sofa


Light speed Magazine

Orycon and Podcasts

I already registered and will be attending Orycon, The Science Fiction convention over the Thanksgiving weekend in Portland Oregon. I need to apologize for not pressing for furry events at Orycon. My recent stint of unemployment during Spring and Summer had me wondering will I still me living in Oregon in November less going to Orycon. I have we can perhaps do a meal or a meet and greet.  

I will not be volunteering at Orycon as I said in my earlier. Instead I want to give attention to the furry community and Rainfurrest. If they ask for a few hours, I will give it to them. My decision is probably 60% not knowing how to volunteer at Orycon, 20% the  Orycon  staff culture which  tends to be a closed tight nit group and 20% bad experiences  include the flap about trying to get promotional martial to take with me to Rainfurrest.  There seem to be no place for an old fur. This begs question was there a problem with me or because I am a furry.  If the later, I hope not, perhaps we need to question how much support we can expect from Oregon Science Fiction Conventions concerning bringing furry convention to Portland. I think it is prudent some of us to talk to furries who sponsored events at Orycon 29 and earlier about their experiences first.   

On a brighter topic thanks to Woyro I tuned into Anthropomorphic Dreams Blog and downloaded s reading of anthropomorphic fiction to listen to at work. I found The Thing in the Toyshop interesting. Nice Furry fiction grounded in Fury’s Science Fiction Roots. I need to get away for political podcast for a while.