Halloween and Orycon

Noting much going on, it is usually very quiet when I live, I do keep a few candy bars or a bag just in case.  I am lucky if to see one trick or treater this year. I will  dump a hand full into the bag. No horror movies toning, thanks to Redbox killing the DVD rental business.  Redbox offerings are slim and getting to the nearest video store is a eight mile round trip.

The big news is I decided to go to Orycon the Science Fiction convention this weekend, I already registered. If you seen my last year report I was not a happy camper. The problem the old guard  , noting Orycon  historically  focuses on written Science  Fiction, had turn Orycon 33 into a \writers  business convention, Yes Orycon  is  about written science fiction but how about something for the reader and fan of movies and TV.  Well it looks like Orycon has listen so I am going this year.

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