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Newcon Con Report

The convention: Newcon 5

The Place: Marriot Waterfront, Portland Oregon.

The dates: 30 Dec 2016 – 1 Jan 2017

Newcon is Portland Multi-Genre con. Both my Big Kitties and Chocat were my companions,

Friday: I pack up my badge on Thursday learning from my mistake last year. I missed the opening ceremony and head to the panel room for my first panel I hosted, “Media Pet peeves: The things that writers, and producers do that drives us nuts.” It was well received. After I was done I rove around the space until the Nerdcore Hip Hop History w/ Mega Ran panel and How to be Successful on YouTube w/ Mr. Creepy Pasta .The video room was not set up so I checked out last of the acts during Open mike then ate dinner and attended Scary Stories w/ Mr. Creepy Pasta to see what the fuss is all about. Then I called it a day.

Saturday: I decided to take breakfast at the Hotel then set up for my second panel Furries of the NW Newcon edition. props to Chimichanga Fix for helping me out. I checked out the end of the Lip Synch Battle and the more G –PG Creepy Pasta Story time w/ Mr. Creepy Pasta, Then I check out the rest of the Cosplay contest before going out for dinner. Thanks to KGW hype on the weather I went home at 10:00 thinking I would be stuck . But after realizing KGW Weather team is full of it,   it was just bull, I head back to con space with my travel Hello Kitty and went to Drink & Draw in the New Years which had no drink and ended too early. So I went to the rave to ring in the New Year before heading home. and drop off the car.

Sunday: if the weather hype was not enough the Weather people was wrong, I took transit after church, went to Mod Pizza and back to the Hotel . The panels that interested mw was Janet Varney and the Johnny Scotch Music. I just hung around after that till closing ceremonies

The Good: Another great fan convention .

The Bad:   Drink and Draw ending early, video not up and running.

The Ugly: nothing

Newcon is growing to be an important asset Portland geek community I hope it the con it will grow more diverse covering more than just anime.


Click below for larger Picture if anybody want an unmarked version please contact me.