Me in 35 years

Often I cruise the net for news concerning items that fit my interest. On search concerning Men who keep stiffed animals, I found this comment:

“I sell stuffed toys for a charity, and the vast majority of buyers are people of (ahem) middle-age or older.

Last year I called a gentleman who was in his late eighties. He had been supporting the charity for many, many years and in fact had bought over thirty of our teddy bears. So I asked whether he had given the toys away to family and friends as gifts, and he laughed.

“Bugger off”, he said, “they’re MY teddies. You might think I’m a mad old codger, but nobody gets their hands on my bears until I’m six-foot under”.

So maybe you’re never too old.”

That’s going to be me when I am eighty Lord willing. Nobody going get my Hello Kitty stash until I grave yard dead.  .

Men You Are Not Alone

Men may travel light, but some pack teddy bears

 “A recent study by British hotel chain Travelodge has found that 25 percent of men take teddy bears on the road with them when they travel for business. These men report that their stuffed animals remind them of home and the significant others they have to leave behind. ” 

The study been going on for a while, I first heard about it in 2007.