Me in 35 years

Often I cruise the net for news concerning items that fit my interest. On search concerning Men who keep stiffed animals, I found this comment:

“I sell stuffed toys for a charity, and the vast majority of buyers are people of (ahem) middle-age or older.

Last year I called a gentleman who was in his late eighties. He had been supporting the charity for many, many years and in fact had bought over thirty of our teddy bears. So I asked whether he had given the toys away to family and friends as gifts, and he laughed.

“Bugger off”, he said, “they’re MY teddies. You might think I’m a mad old codger, but nobody gets their hands on my bears until I’m six-foot under”.

So maybe you’re never too old.”

That’s going to be me when I am eighty Lord willing. Nobody going get my Hello Kitty stash until I grave yard dead.  .

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