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A Mild Rebuke and Rebuttal

A good online friend had posted about difference between Furry, Anime and Science Fiction Fandom called The difference between Furry vs the Sci-Fi and Anime fandoms.. Bothered by his reply I offered a mild rebuke. Instead of posting it you can read it at his site.
This got me thinking about who I am. I said something that I need to ponder on, that I am more of a furry in the Science Fiction fandom that a furry in the furry fandom. Perhaps my feelings is due to my increasing listening to Science Fiction Podcast like Escape Pod and Starship Sofa and recent falling out and ending the PDX fur meets or with limited funds I am involving myself in the local con seen where I rather attending Radcon, Orycon or Rusty Con that allocate for a far off furry convention. More later
(my reply to him as follows)

“From what I’ve seen at their cons and experienced online, the Sci-Fi and Anime fandoms completely worship what comes out of Hollywood and Tokyo. And any fan who tries to create something that deviates even a fraction from what the author or studios created (like a furry version of Harry Potter) will usually get “dissed” by the hardcore fans for being blasphemous. “

You are correct about one thing about we are fans of our own creation. This is creative force makes furry interesting. Still I have to offer an rebuttal to your narrow view of Science Fiction and Anime fandom. I have to admit I am more of a Furry in the Science Fiction fandom than a furry in the fury fandom. First Science Fiction is at heart a Literary fandom, a fandom that has a rich history in art and literature going back a century and longer. While there are some good furry writers, I enjoy like Phil Geusz, Anthropomorphic Dreams, or the Outcast podcast novels, there a fare more diversity of content in the Anime and Science Fiction fandoms. There are some good up and coming fury writes and far better than the homoerotic of Kevin Gold but there no one yet at the level of some of my favorites in Science Fiction like Nancy Kress, Harry Turtledove, and Allen Steele. Furry art is just dim candle compared to Science Fiction Art.

As for conventions I enjoy the energy of a furry convention but enjoy more a Science Fiction convention like Orycon were I can see diverse fans from six to sixty and have an intelligent conversation with a fan my own age. If I fault a furry con, it is the sameness of them all , exhibit one you Photo collection Wild Bill; all I see is another fursuiter, anther rave and another parade with the same furs from another convention. You collection makes me want to take camera and capture a fursuiter-free photo shoot just to capture the other aspects of the fandom. (Do not take it personally just some constructive criticism)

After all I said still I enjoy the freedom of creation on the fandom even though there a lot of negative aspects such as porn. Yes, one huge advantage is as our own creators We are not restricted in our creativity as in Anime Cosplay or Star Trek fandoms. We do not see the cascade of criticism if one cosplay is not right or no Star Trek mantra of how some fan content is not cannon.
Even with all it problems and my criticism of furry fandom, I still am proud to be a furry and proud wear my tail at any fan convention. It is my hope with all this creativity we furries should go beyond the fur con; we should move back to SF and take furry fandom beyond.
AS a part gift, if you think Science fiction is just out of Hollywood:

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