Christians and the furry/punk/steampunk/Ren Faire/cosplay lifestyle My response.

In an article in Blogus  Anthony  is trying   to address can  Christians   be part of an alternative subculture such as Steam Punk, Furry Fandom and Cosplay.  As a Furry, Science fiction Fan, and Anime fan, I feel he  his heart is in the right place but ultimately  wrong.   The  article contains  many  miss-quotes of scripture  or inferring an  Indicative (proclamation why we are ) in 2 Corinthians 5:17 and infer it as an imperative (a command) or taking a narrative  verse like 1 Samuel 16:7 and trying to principal.

I believe  this person main point it this “Basically, there’s no verse against dressing up in costumes, nor are there laws against it. The issue is not necessarily the act, but how it may hinder our ability to spread the gospel and live a life that glorifies God. I”  The problem  is this person does not  give a proper scriptural bases   but defaults to legalism  by   moving the goal  post from  what  clearly God objectively calls  sin ( 1 Corinthians  6: 9-11) and applies it to  thing that are not specifically spoken in scripture. In another sense , has scruples because of is  his past punk lifestyle and tries to elevate his scruples  as a command to the Church. A problem explain in RC Sproul wonderfully lecture the Tyranny  of the Weaker Brother.

I also get the feeling  this person   does not  have knowledge  what the fandom are about, there is a vast difference between a  anti-authority  Punk and the aesthetics and literature  of the Steam Punk subculture.  At the heart of his argument is  the long  debate  between Liberty and Legalism, with respect to those than are adiaphora, that is  thing than are indifferent  were the  bible doesn’t speak.  The truth is  as being part of a subgroup  the bible does not  speak specifically of it. While we are free  to  partake of any fandom .  Yet  we are to come aside one who is weak  Roams 14 (even through Pastor Fisk  points  this does not apply as many , but in balance the weaker  brother cannot  make ones scruples  a law for the church; that would be legalism.