Some thoughts about Coronavirus and Fan Conventions.

This post is  a response to a question about the future of fan Conventions  in light of  COVID-19.

This is a speculation about the future of conventions if we can control COVID-19. I use my experience as a Sanrio fan.  One option is similar to Hello Kitty Friendship Festival and the recent Hello Kitty Around the World tour. In each case one bought a ticket for a session lasting two to four hours.  Only a fixed amount of tickets was sold per session. The session could have a show, panel, displays and a trip though the dealer’s den.

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Washington Examiner Hypes RBCC Comment and Gets it Wrong

The Washington Examiner turned a molehill into a mountain based on a single word in a RNCC Tweet.  One can ask was necessary for the NRCC to throw out the furry word.  Still this much ado about nothing. I find the Washington Examiner more at fault by twisting the RNCC post. Second the Examiner  paints a distorted and inaccurate  overused media statement that  Furries area subculture that dress up in animal costumes and  for twisting  of the Fur Science 2011 data out of context.

“A number of studies have demonstrated that some of those interested in furry fandom view the subculture as a sexual fetish as well. According to a 2011 study by the Anthropomorphic Research Project, one-third of furries interviewed said that “sexual attraction to the content in the fandom is an important part of their furry participation.” The author of the story  gave a poor  attempt of a apology on Twitter.

Better would be the 2018 statement on sexuality

“This is in line with several other findings from past studies suggesting that, despite the perception by many of furry as a fetish, for most furries this is not the case, though furries may themselves be prone to erroneously believing this stereotype about other furries. It should also be noted that this is not to say that there are not furries for whom the fandom is a fetish – prior research suggests that this is likely the case for about 5-10% of the furry fandom. Nor is there anything wrong with furry being a fetish for these folks. Instead, we are simply pointing out that it would be inaccurate to categorize furries as a group as being fetish-based, as it would be describing the group as a whole based on a minority within the group.” 1.

If anything good, the mainstream press has ignored this story.

I still find fault with RNCC. There are very good reasons to oppose Beto O Rouke, why bring up furry and twist him wearing a mask as part of a band.


Now let say for the record, I became a Furry during the peak of my involvement with the Republican Party (i.e. before Trump). My Fursona is a more conservative than I am, and a Republican Black Bear.    I often joke around wanting to be the highest ranking elected Furry Republican and my favorite comic strip is Mallard Fillmore a comic about an anthropomorphic conservative Duck.  I see this as just silliness to bring up furry as something negative.

  1. Anthrocon 2018 study

Christians and the furry/punk/steampunk/Ren Faire/cosplay lifestyle My response.

In an article in Blogus  Anthony  is trying   to address can  Christians   be part of an alternative subculture such as Steam Punk, Furry Fandom and Cosplay.  As a Furry, Science fiction Fan, and Anime fan, I feel he  his heart is in the right place but ultimately  wrong.   The  article contains  many  miss-quotes of scripture  or inferring an  Indicative (proclamation why we are ) in 2 Corinthians 5:17 and infer it as an imperative (a command) or taking a narrative  verse like 1 Samuel 16:7 and trying to principal.

I believe  this person main point it this “Basically, there’s no verse against dressing up in costumes, nor are there laws against it. The issue is not necessarily the act, but how it may hinder our ability to spread the gospel and live a life that glorifies God. I”  The problem  is this person does not  give a proper scriptural bases   but defaults to legalism  by   moving the goal  post from  what  clearly God objectively calls  sin ( 1 Corinthians  6: 9-11) and applies it to  thing that are not specifically spoken in scripture. In another sense , has scruples because of is  his past punk lifestyle and tries to elevate his scruples  as a command to the Church. A problem explain in RC Sproul wonderfully lecture the Tyranny  of the Weaker Brother.

I also get the feeling  this person   does not  have knowledge  what the fandom are about, there is a vast difference between a  anti-authority  Punk and the aesthetics and literature  of the Steam Punk subculture.  At the heart of his argument is  the long  debate  between Liberty and Legalism, with respect to those than are adiaphora, that is  thing than are indifferent  were the  bible doesn’t speak.  The truth is  as being part of a subgroup  the bible does not  speak specifically of it. While we are free  to  partake of any fandom .  Yet  we are to come aside one who is weak  Roams 14 (even through Pastor Fisk  points  this does not apply as many , but in balance the weaker  brother cannot  make ones scruples  a law for the church; that would be legalism.