Aggretsuko is Not is a Boozer

Aggretsuko is one of Sanrio latest Furry characters.  She is a cute Red Panda, 25 years old, and a worker at a respected trading firm in Tokyo.   She has to deal with a lot of office politics, a condescending boss, and backstabbing and annoying coworkers.  When she reaches her limit, she lets off steam via death metal singing and karaoke. She is cute but definably not like Hello Kitty.   A Little misinformation if in the media that Aggretsuko is a boozer.   This misinformation came from a screen shot from episode five of Aggretsuko shorts shown on YouTube.   While no English sub existed, I could still get the gist.  In this episode Aggretsuko was at the bosses after work party know in Japanese culture as a Nomikai.  At the party, food and a communal bottle of beer are offered. Nomikai etiquette dictates no glass left empty and you do not fill your glass but you fill the glasses of others also, the lower rank worker serves the upper rank. In this case, the boss set off Aggretsuko by criticizing her for filling his glass with the beer label down. She fantasies insulting and defying the boss   by guzzling the beer in front of him.

I think it is interesting how Sanrio is marketing Aggretsuko in Japan and the US. Most Sanrio characters start out like Hello Kitty;  first   being marked to the little  Girls, then evolving the market to  include Women and now for Hello Kitty to Men.   In Aggretsuko case, she is marketed straight to adults.  I feel she has a lot of potential worldwide represent the feelings of many over worked individuals and dealing with work place politics.

I spoke to soon  in Episode  50 Aggretsuko get a little tipsy during  a Cherry Blossom outing.

Exeter woman says £50,000 Hello Kitty collection stops her finding love

Exeter woman says £50,000 Hello Kitty collection stops her finding love
There even a video news story on it

She has more than 4000 items. I hope she paid cash. of course this impedes her her love life As guys object to her collection to which sahe give them them  shove off. Ah if I was only younger. My suggestion to her is look at other geek fandom like Anime and Furry.

P.S We have the same Giant Hello Kitty plush.

This Too Shall Pass

 Last post I was bogging about Erik Epperson, a 22 year old man why was arrested for traveling to California to engage in sexual contact with a 14 year old minor.  What is alarming to this male Hello Kitty fan is the statement:

“When interviewed by police, Epperson allegedly claimed that he could not find girls older than 18 to date because of his own “15-year-old girl personality” and love of cute things, such as Hello Kitty, a Japanese-designed fictional character.”

At first I was hoping this would be just a sick hoax but new we have confirmation here and here.

My mind  is going into overdrive worrying about how others may look at me. I wonder will other look at me with suspicion when  I walk down the street with my Hello Kitty backpack. Then I had to putt ideas form my own furry experiences. The I dove into my own experiences as a furry.  We in the fandom do have our share of black sheep. There was the spat over Alan David Berlin A  fur that was caught soliciting a minor for sex. While there was controversy and the threat of pinning  furries are molesters by mundanes ; eventually controversy died down and the furry community went on with life. The same with Mr. Epperson. We male Hello Kitty fans would have very little  to worry about.

This Too Shall Pass


Ps. Perhaps Mr Epperson will become Alan David Berlin prison (roommate)