Statement on Recent Riots

Concerning the recent events, Covid-19 and the riots. Physically I am ok, I am a few miles for downtown Portland Oregon. Mentally I am in aguish. The hoodlums looted JapanLA a store know to us Sanrio / Hello Kitty fans. What does a store in LA have to do with a murder in Minneapolis? I Remember the Rodney King   Riots, I was caught up in it, riding a passing though the madness in Long Beach but made it to the Navy Base safely. I had the same questions then; why loot business that had nothing to do with the Rodney King situation?  I am disgusted.  Do not call me an African American I cannot associate myself with such wickedness. May God have mercy on your soul who do injustice in the name of justice.


About Scatcatpdx

I am just an average Joe living in the People Republic of Portland Oregon. I was a Republican Precinct Person for Washington County, and campaign volunteer. Now I am a IDKWIA (I Don't Know What I Am). I am a bible believing Christian who is Calvinist and Reformed in my theology and Anglican in worship and practice. My other interest are music (classical and world, Progressive Trance), drawing, and Fury Fandom, I consider myself a furry lifestyler.. I am a Ham Radio operator.
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