Breakthrough: How Data Calls into question an Implied Narrative

How Data Calls into question an Implied  and justification for forced Vaccine Mandates and Events restrictions.

Every weekday I set my alarm to KXL 101.1 FM to catch the news when I wake up. One day I heard a fast-talking report about 25% of new cases of COVID-19 are vaccinated individuals and of that 25% only 4% need hospitalization and of that on 1% died. This perked my interest, and I was reading the Breakthrough case report – November 4, , 2021: 

“During the week of October 24–October 30, there were 8,239 cases of COVID-19. 6,214 (75.4%) were unvaccinated and 2,025 (24.6%) were vaccine breakthrough cases. The median age of breakthrough cases was 47 years. 50 (2.5%) breakthrough cases were residents of care facilities, senior living communities or other congregate living settings. 428 (21.1%) cases were 65 or older. There were 66 (3.3%) cases aged 12-17. OHA publishes the most up-to-date information about cases from the most recently completed MMWR week. However, not all information about a case’s vaccination status may be available at the”

Further observations for the same report Note a similar trend.

Breakthrough case report – November 4, 2021, Oregon Health Authority
Breakthrough case report – November 4, 2021, Oregon Health Authority

With this data, I do not question the value of the COVID-19 vaccine   I question policies from President Biden to local fan conventions, restaurants, and bars, of forcing vaccination (show the card), or a medical test as a requirement to attend or enter an event. Noting breakthrough cases, and recent cases invoking dignitaries like the late Colin Powel, performers, athletes, journalist, and White House staff members, a person can still catch and infect others COVID-19. Furthermore, I say it is moot for one to show the card and a fan convention. The vaccine only lessens the occurrence of the corona virus, and dose not lead to eradication of the virus. If the event reason of the policy to show the card or test results, is to promote safety, the only sure-fire way is to cancel the event or require 100% testing the days of the event.

There is a false narrative implied that if everybody   gets the shot, it will lead to herd immunity, the virus vanquished, and we can go back to getting together at big events like 2019. I do not see malevolent intent by many establishments’ requirements, but motivation by fear of return government-imposed lockdowns, as reason to compel others even against a person’s moral values to get the shot.

I do believe there is better way than mandate shots and test: we will have deal with the reality of COVID as many Northern European countries have rescinded all restrictions or innovation like spreading the convention over many weeks, using a sessions ticket to limited attendance and a mixture of live and streamed events. With disease that has over 90% survival rate, a majority will have mild to no symptoms, and a 2.8% death ratio, and no difference in number case between states with strict restrictions and those states with lax policy. Forced mandates are not the answer.

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