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Platform Access a Civil Right? Think Again

A recent article in Human Events a conservative organization bemoans how modern social media platforms are censoring “Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, and Milo Yiannopoulos were permanently banned from Facebook and Instagram. “.  Will Chamberlain make the error … Continue reading

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Why I am not a Conservative

Recently a video had popped up, from woman who berates another person for flying an Mexican Flag on their own property.

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Immigration Christian vs Secular Conservatism

Recently the Portland Tribune ran a story What would Jesus do about immigrants? I agree with most of the article that a middle way solution to the immigration issue need to be found; a solution between absolute amnesty on the … Continue reading

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Where is Our Next Reagan

On a forum a person asked where  is our next Reagan in the Age of Obama. I answered  Rush Limbaugh, Beck and other Conservative talk radio rejected him RINO hunters impugned him Conservatives abandoned him Tea Party hate  him Pro … Continue reading

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