Kumoricon 2017 Con Report

Kumoricon 2017 Con Report

The Convention:  Kumoricon

The Place:  Oregon Convention Center

The Dates 27-29 October 2017

Kumoricon is Oregon’s premier Anime Convention. Both  Kiju  Hello Kitties and  Chococat were my companions .

Thursday and Friday:  I picked up my badge on Thursday. I decided this year to take Friday off  to attend the convention, but first I had to see the doctor for a follow up appointment and  by the time picked up the car rental, it was already 11:00 am. I had lunch and made it over to the convention site.

I missed opening ceremonies but  caught Todd Haberkorn Presents: MST-Anime Style. After than I  did some shopping  and  settled  down for the AMV contest. It was good  show and had a few standouts. I stayed for the after show  then went out for dinner.  I came back checked out  a few songs by the  musical guest of honor Kra. There was nothing  but 18+ panels so I called it a day and went home.

Saturday:  I had my Breakfast out and headed  back to the convention  center. I checked out the  Funimation Industry Panel and  just hung around until Meet Vic Mignogna event. I wanted  to ask how he deals  with  being  a Christian  and  in the anime industry, but it was hard to get noticed in a room of screaming fans. I fan who shared how  Full Metal Alchemist help her going through  a Kidney Transplant; at that time I knew  it was not the place to ask my question,  and perhaps  not  at a celebrity  panel.   I skipped out of  the  seeing the Cosplay Contest this year, instead  I attended the name  alone Battlesaurs with Grant and Studio Trigger. Studio Trigger  cooperated  with Pixar for it s Christmas special Toy Story Toy Story That Time Forgot. They came up  with  an opening  for a fictitious  show about Dinosaur Toys that was pure Trigger. It was  interesting  how both  worked  out cross-cultural issues.

After the panel, I hung around, head out to dinner and ran into the musical guest of honor at a local BBQ joint , did  some drawing and  made my presence know at the  Often Renamed panel. The call it a day.

Sunday: I hosted  the  Otaku 25+ panel; we had a good turnout.  After my panel,   I attended and AMV comedy hour  then hung around until the seating for the AMV winners and  closing ceremonies.

The Good:  Battlesaurs with Grant and Studio Trigger

The bad: The band Kra should have got  a nod at the closing ceremonies.

The Ugly: Nothing

With so much to do, Kumoricon is the best  fan convention  in Portland Oregon; Furlandia is second. I look forward to next year.

All my Pictures are under a creative commons Licence: Use them but leave a credit, do not sell them, change them or use them in a derogatory way to the Anime and Furry fandom and to Kumoricon. If you are the cosplay please contact me for an free version sans watermark.

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