Newcon Is No More

It only took 24 hours:


From Michael Anderson, Director of Newcon:

I have to announce that Newcon 6 is cancelled.

“Since 2011, Newcon has tried to give the area an inclusive convention that dips into subcultures beyond just anime and pop culture. Our amazing staff and attendees have made every year of Newcon an exceptionally fun experience, and I am heartbroken that we won’t be able to continue the tradition.”

I am getting a Rainfurrest Déjà vu, Like Rainfurrest instead of taking full responsibility of their actions the take some and deflect the fault to others.

“Due to a number of issues (some in our management’s control, and some out), our original venue stopped being an option for the event. For my part, I am sorry. As anyone keeping up with the announcements on Facebook has seen, we were hoping to move the event to a new venue, but the offer was officially rescinded this afternoon. Without a venue, we have no pathway forward for the event to happen.

“There has been a whirlwind of gossip thrown around about myself, my partner, our staff, and the convention. Early this year, our original venue choice was contacted and “warned” about Newcon and my management. I have no doubt that the individuals with a vendetta against Newcon did the same with our new venue choice. Now we see the fruits of their spite.”

Like Tapa and Gene of Rainfurrest, Mike seems to shift the blame concerning the letter to the perspective convention hotel.  The truth is the management created the conditions where a whistle blower could alert the hotel, the problem not the whistle blower. If both Newcon and Rainfurrest did what was right, there would be no case for a whistle blower. As I said earlier, misdeeds by a convention are a black spot and Hotels talk to each other.  The Newcon defaulted and failed to pay for the Hotel space, how can Mike think the Hilton would not consider this?  Hotels talk to each other.

One of the other issues in my opinion was the lack credible information.  While there were indications and a few individuals, most disclosures before the Red Lion Hotel were mostly second hand, rumors, hearsay, or as the case of Uptown Cosplay not disclosed.  It was hard for me to believe something was wrong when Newcon and Anime PDX flourish. It was the Red Lion posting that they cancel Newcon contract due to nonpayment that offers the first concrete evidence that something was wrong.  The lesson learned is when there is a problem the best thing to do is come forth with credible information. Just posting a tweet what others say is not enough.

it sad that Newcon and anime PDX is no more joining Mewcon and Wonder Northwest in the graveyard of canceled conventions. Perhaps Mike and the leadership reflect, repent, and never run another event in Portland and new leadership will give Portland the multi-genre fan run convention we deserve.

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