There Nazi furs under my Bed — NOT!

There Patch O Fur  goes again, hunting imaginary Nazis in the fandom.

Recently   Dogpatch Press had  release another round logical fallacies dressed as news of news alleging Andrew Anglin, the neo-Nazi shill of the Daily Stormer, accepting and encouraging the Alt Furs. Dogpacth press’ argument on this post and others built shaky foundation of tweets taken out of context and generalizations.

Founder of Neo-nazi website The Daily Stormer praises Nazifurs and Altfurs as good examples for his wider movement.

One defense of Nazifurs I have heard over the years is that they are just adopting fascist fashion to get a rise out of you, or even that they are mocking real Nazis. This doesn’t hold up well to me, as ones I knew in 2005 who said they were joking are mostly taking their act seriously now.”

Patch offer no real concrete proof than stream of screen captures.  The problem is a post by Romulus, before having his twitter cut off, reveals Andrew Anglin is using Furries to troll “neo-con keyboard commandos”. I am using a polite word.

Searching @AndrewAnglin I found his Gab account. Mr. Anglin’s own posting points to and support precept he is not supporting but using furries. For example:

“Conservatives are afraid because they don’t want to win. 

Furries are putting their big furry balls on the line for you, and keyboard commandos have the nerve to criticize them on the internet?”

“If you think you can create the perfect, non-furry optics, then get out there and do it. Who’s stopping you? “

It seems to me  this person is a modern day technophile  troll.  Much of his  posting on Gab is  a mixture of  racism, anime and memes.  Around this time  Newsweek report about  infighting  within  Alt-Right which Mr.  Anglin was involved.  I believe the post have to do more with the infighting  that affirmation   of  the fandom or  existence of Nazism in the fandom.

I  should note Mr. Anglin does not have a favorable view of the fandom

With this in mind we can go back to  Dog Patch. latter  Summercat offers  and  explanation correction of  a photo  of fursuiters in front of a Nazi  flag to prove  used to prove  Nazis in the  fandom. The photo was not of  group of Furry Neo Nazis but  some furs visiting  a WW II exhibit.

Summercat ‘s explanation  is a good start to call into question  the evidence  that Nazi or  White Supremacist    exist and actively recruiting  in the fandom.  Most false evidence  come  from  Dog Patch press in a way of  composition fallacy, contextual error,  Non Sequitur, taking about  Holocaust  deniers,  Nazi  then  switch focus  to  Furry Raiders and a Alt-Furry with linking the two, and hearsay , and  second hand post without  evidence.

Dogpatch’s  last post  has  found in to the mainstream media is an example how such false calm and history is hurting  those in the fandom and causing  unnecessary  disruption in a fandom known for  its tolerance.

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