Orycon and Podcasts

I already registered and will be attending Orycon, The Science Fiction convention over the Thanksgiving weekend in Portland Oregon. I need to apologize for not pressing for furry events at Orycon. My recent stint of unemployment during Spring and Summer had me wondering will I still me living in Oregon in November less going to Orycon. I have we can perhaps do a meal or a meet and greet.  

I will not be volunteering at Orycon as I said in my earlier. Instead I want to give attention to the furry community and Rainfurrest. If they ask for a few hours, I will give it to them. My decision is probably 60% not knowing how to volunteer at Orycon, 20% the  Orycon  staff culture which  tends to be a closed tight nit group and 20% bad experiences  include the flap about trying to get promotional martial to take with me to Rainfurrest.  There seem to be no place for an old fur. This begs question was there a problem with me or because I am a furry.  If the later, I hope not, perhaps we need to question how much support we can expect from Oregon Science Fiction Conventions concerning bringing furry convention to Portland. I think it is prudent some of us to talk to furries who sponsored events at Orycon 29 and earlier about their experiences first.   

On a brighter topic thanks to Woyro I tuned into Anthropomorphic Dreams Blog and downloaded s reading of anthropomorphic fiction to listen to at work. I found The Thing in the Toyshop interesting. Nice Furry fiction grounded in Fury’s Science Fiction Roots. I need to get away for political podcast for a while.