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Tilt Longtail’s Announcement: He is Right

Why I agree and will limit my Furcon attendance.

Some time ago I watched Tilt Longtail’s announcement that he will no longer attend furry conventions. I will leave a link to the video below.

I do agree with him on two points Furcons have become expensive and boring.  When I go to any fan convention, I go because I want to learn something new or have a new experience; something I cannot do at home. I do not go to conventions just to hang out.  I have a big problem with Furcons for lack of content. My local Anime and Science Fiction convention has approximately three times more content and panel space than the largest furry conventions like Athrocon or Midwest Fur Fest. I do attend my local furcon or thought of Anthro NW because I have a fallout with my local furcon. For me as further I must travel to a furry convention, the higher personal investment in a fur con, and less return for dollars spent. As a highly introverted person I room alone. Anime Expo, Dragoncon, and World Science Fiction Convention offer a bigger return for me. I can only see visiting a small fur con as part of a longer vacation.

My response to Local Convention COVOD-19 Policy

I have a big announcement  for the rest of 2021 and 2022 and beyond. I will not be attending  any  fan conventions  in 2021 and beyond until Kumoricon, Orycon, RCCC, Anthro Northwest   come to their  senses and stop forcing  unnecessary  medical test or  divulge private  medical information as a  requirement to attend a convention. It is wrong  for those who are and force  others  to surrender their freedom and privacy for three  days of fun deserve nether. I do believe  health  and safety is the issue but the 900 LB ogre call government  Lockdown. There are those who willing to  throw other’s privacy   under the bus to keep the lockdown ogre at bay.

Do not  get me wrong I am centrist  in the  vaccine debate. I am against any government  mandate but  realize for me and other  the vaccine is needed.  I  frown on both  force mandates and the anti-vaccination crowd. I can poke hole in both arguments. Some people  may  not need vaccination while others  it a life saver. I do not believe  the false narrative  of herd immunity. It may not happen We just need to live with COVID-19. Private organization can make  rules regardless how  bad as well of  my choice not to attend.

Foer those who are putting  such restrictions in the name  of protecting immune depressed and people with auto immune condition like me, you are doing us no favor. I must board a bus and max trains  with vaccinated  non-vaccinated I am still here.

I  am willing to help support alternative  and events. The rules will be  just use  common since and that is it.

Orycon and Podcasts

I already registered and will be attending Orycon, The Science Fiction convention over the Thanksgiving weekend in Portland Oregon. I need to apologize for not pressing for furry events at Orycon. My recent stint of unemployment during Spring and Summer had me wondering will I still me living in Oregon in November less going to Orycon. I have we can perhaps do a meal or a meet and greet.  

I will not be volunteering at Orycon as I said in my earlier. Instead I want to give attention to the furry community and Rainfurrest. If they ask for a few hours, I will give it to them. My decision is probably 60% not knowing how to volunteer at Orycon, 20% the  Orycon  staff culture which  tends to be a closed tight nit group and 20% bad experiences  include the flap about trying to get promotional martial to take with me to Rainfurrest.  There seem to be no place for an old fur. This begs question was there a problem with me or because I am a furry.  If the later, I hope not, perhaps we need to question how much support we can expect from Oregon Science Fiction Conventions concerning bringing furry convention to Portland. I think it is prudent some of us to talk to furries who sponsored events at Orycon 29 and earlier about their experiences first.   

On a brighter topic thanks to Woyro I tuned into Anthropomorphic Dreams Blog and downloaded s reading of anthropomorphic fiction to listen to at work. I found The Thing in the Toyshop interesting. Nice Furry fiction grounded in Fury’s Science Fiction Roots. I need to get away for political podcast for a while.