Furlandia Con Report

The Convention:  Furlandia

The Place: University Place Hotel Portland Oregon

The dates:  10-12 May 2013

Furlandia is a first year convention in Portland Oregon. My Monster Hello Kitty plush was my companion for Saturday and Chococat, Friday and Sunday.

Friday:  I cooked and wolfed down dinner and drove to the hotel site getting there around 8:30pm. The line for registration was long and it took me over an hour.  There was a pre-con party and dance so I stayed around until 10:42pm.

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Rainfurrest Con Report

Con Report  Rainfurrest The Return

The Convention Rainfurrest

The place: Hilton Hotel can Convention center

The dates:  27 through 30 September 2012.


Rainfurrest is a Furry convention held every year at the Sea Tac area. My large chococat was the accompanying plush. This was my return to Raifurrest aft a two year absence.

Thursday: I got up and rush to the Amtrak train station. Because of the condition of my truck I decided  to take  the train up especially after my plans  for renting a car fell through.

I got to the hotel The Hilton Hotel and Convention center store my stuff and head out for lunch, then set up in my room and attended the opening ceremonies.. I have to say the stage set up was a fry cry form the first Rainfurrest 2007. The opening ceremony was in what would have been a smaller panel room today and for guy in front.

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Orycon 33 Report

At last I present my long awaited Orycon 33 Report. My delay was due My disappointment with Orycon and Starting a new Job.

The Con: Orycon – (Writers) Science Fiction

The Place: Double Tree Lloyd’s Center

Date: 11 – 13 Nov 2011

This is my 5th Orycon. I looked d forward to this cone every year but this year I left disappointed. Dark cloud started to appeared a few week before when I check the web site when programming was posted; what  struck me there was not much I really wanted to attend and the large amount of professional writers panels but slim  picking for readers and fans.


Because I started a new Job, I decide it would not be right to take Friday Off; after work I went down pick up my badge and attended the opening ceremonies. Next I went to Tiptoe Through the Tardis; it was part panel and part gathering of fans. I left after a while because it was a bit hokey for my taste. I did better at the fan participation of Who line is it. It was very fumy.  Afterwards I retired for the evening
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Kumoricon Report

The Con Kumoricon The Anime Convention
The Place: Portland Hilton Hotel

Kumoricon is the Annual Anime convention in Portland Oregon over the Labor Day weekend. This year I took my big Chococat around the convention space. Like my big Hello Kitty last year, he was a hit. During to convention I met up with few fellow furries and one fursuiter Independence  got a lot of good attention.
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