A little Furcon That Said No

A small convention, Free Fur All, held their convention in Tulsa Oklahoma. The attendance was 207 persons and they raised $8000.00 for charity. It would be an uneventful furcon  con except Free Fur All said one word that set the woke twitter mob on fire; the word is:


The convention billed itself as:

Prepare For A Classic Road Trip!

They don’t make things like they used to. This year we’re celebrating anthro by getting back to our routes where it all started- a love for animals.

Whether you come from near or far, from Chicago or the LA side, join us on a road trip to the American heartland along the Mother Road, Route 66, for America’s Anthro Convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and don’t forget to take that left-turn at Albuquerque!

The play on word roots was they wanted to be a convention before woke politics and cancel culture; a convention one is accepted regardless of race, sexual orientation, and politics, except one had to be 18+.

 Free Fur All was started by Peace Wolfe of Tails and Tornado fame and the guest of honor was 2 the Ranting Gryphon; both Peace Wolf and Two are very intimate with, experienced, and acquainted with cancel culture.  

The woke mob, went to work. There were videos declaring Free Fur All the worst convention since Rainfurest and Dashcon. Self-appointed pundits declared the convention was harboring Alt-Right and Nazi furs. My favorite is the claim the logo of AWOO, the parent organization of Free Fur, all is related to White supremacist” the Gray Wolves, never mind the Gray Wolves are a Turkish Nationalist Islamic group and no way can be a White Supremacist group. Soon the twitter mob e-mailed threats to The Marriot; the Marriot pulled back and the woke mob celebrated the defeat and told FFA to stay down. Free Fur All said:


Free Fur All executed an end around their woke detractors. They booked the
Glenpool Conference Center and deemphasized the convention hotel making it
difficult the Twitter mob to repeat their attack on Free Fur All.

The convention happened and even had Ball Pit as a way to thumb their noses
at their detractors.  The Twitter mob went nuts with posts on how bad the
convention was. As for critics, only one narcissistic YouTube shock jock had bothered to
attend the convention. How can one write about a convention but not attend or
interview or quote an attendee to the convention? Yes, Crusader Cat, a person
who had a troubled pass, The Furry Raiders, and Magnus Diridian . Surely this
proves Free Fur All is Alt Right Nazi convention. But wait.

None of the person and groups who had attended  Free Fur All are Nazis,
regardless the keyboard pounding by the woke crowd. First nether Crusader Cat,
Furry Raiders and Diridian do not hold White Nationalist, and authoritarian
beliefs. Second the charge of the armband is a Neo Nazi symbol is based on a
generalization fallacy. Third the leader of the Furry raiders;  Foxler is
a Biracial person of color, male marred to a Biracial Person of Color, male.
Only on the Babylon Bee would believe a Biracial Gay man married to another
man, can be a Neo-Nazi. Finally, there non acceptance of furry fandom in known  Neo-Nazi, White nationalism, Alt-right (disbanded) and Aryan Church groups and forums. Go to the white nationalist site Stormfront and search for furry. In addition, I would say all of the charges of the unruly behavior by the raiders is based on hearsay from twitter postings

In spite of the exclusive trolling by twitter users Free Fur All was a
success. They were as the tagline said, #uncancelable. The best response to the
woke crowd is one word:


2 thoughts on “A little Furcon That Said No

  1. AvatarUnknown

    Regarding the Furry Raiders

    1. Foxler’s name is a portmanteau of “Fox” and “Hitler.”
    2. His armband and his group’s iconography is from a Second Life group called “Furzi.”
    3. A bi-racial homosexual is not precluded from being a Nazi.

    Regarding your pitiful attempt at an article:

    4. You are in dire need of a proof-reader, remedial education, or both.

    1. actonrfactonrf Post author

      Let me retort
      “1. Foxler’s name is a portmanteau of “Fox” and “Hitler.””
      Wrong in interviews Foxler said his name is a combination of Fox-and-Miller.

      “2. His armband and his group’s iconography are from a Second Life group called “Furzi.””
      Gasp! Foxler is guilty cultural appropriation. Borrowing from a group does not make one part of the group. As a member I can see the Furry Raiders are not a white power group but closer to a loose and open fraternal organization or order, like Shriners, Odd Fellows, or Masons; the armbands are a fraternal orders’ paraphernalia.
      ‘3. A bi-racial homosexual is not precluded from being a Nazi.’
      Appealing to the gay Nazi myth I see. Let look at what REAL Neo-Nazis believe and do.
      “While National Socialism certainly believes in “Free Speech”, I will be honest that “free speech” DOES have its limits. As an example, in a NS America, we would no longer allow naked, gyrating homosexuals to assault the White populace through disgusting “Gay Parades” – where they flaunt and perform degeneracy, and lack of decency – simply because they can “get away with it”. Nor would a NS America allow the proliferation of “pornography” as “art” and/or “entertainment, such as this present-day kosher society does. Nor would NS allow degenerate ideas like race-mixing to be promoted in an Aryan society.”
      Answer to question to Free Speech, ANP (American Nazi Party) Report August 2022.

      Let us not forget thirty-one members of the Patriot Front were arrested outside Idaho, with plans to disrupt a gay pride celebration.

      “Regarding your pitiful attempt at an article:
      4. You are in dire need of a proof-reader, remedial education, or both.”
      Then sue Microsoft Word.
      If you cannot make a good counter argument, throw out the grammar Nazi and trolling card.


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