Tilt Longtail’s Announcement: He is Right

Why I agree and will limit my Furcon attendance.

Some time ago I watched Tilt Longtail’s announcement that he will no longer attend furry conventions. I will leave a link to the video below.

I do agree with him on two points Furcons have become expensive and boring.  When I go to any fan convention, I go because I want to learn something new or have a new experience; something I cannot do at home. I do not go to conventions just to hang out.  I have a big problem with Furcons for lack of content. My local Anime and Science Fiction convention has approximately three times more content and panel space than the largest furry conventions like Athrocon or Midwest Fur Fest. I do attend my local furcon or thought of Anthro NW because I have a fallout with my local furcon. For me as further I must travel to a furry convention, the higher personal investment in a fur con, and less return for dollars spent. As a highly introverted person I room alone. Anime Expo, Dragoncon, and World Science Fiction Convention offer a bigger return for me. I can only see visiting a small fur con as part of a longer vacation.

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